Anti-vibration pads

Presented anti-vibration pads were created to isolate the electronic device from mechanical vibrations, which greatly affect the quality of their work.
A special case of the electronics is a device used to reproduce high-quality audio signal. We have in mind here all elements of the audio track – audio source, amplifier and speakers, with special emphasis on turntables, CD players and tube amplifiers.
Mechanical vibrations are commonly present in our environment. Fighting with them is an essential part of the process of building high-end audio systems.
Anti-vibration pads have been optimized for maximum effective damping range up to 200 Hz. Applied solutions use an effect of horizontal bearings with ceramic elements and elastomer elasticity for effective damping of vertical vibrations. Both mechanical solution and the materials used, including absorbers with different degrees of density, provide pads high efficiency and a significant impact on improving sound quality.

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