Why tube technology? Progress has given us transistors, integrated circuits, digital technology solutions. Modern devices boast about very good measurement parameters, exceptionally low levels of distortion, enormous powers etc. Is there no place for vacuum tubes anymore? Couldn’t be they the way to fulfill your dreams of a perfect sound?

Since time immemorial, the great dream of human being was to fly. The balloon was the first device that helped the man to go up. It was a balloon made of paper and canvas, filled with hot air. Is this idea to fly relic or obsolete today? On the contrary, thanks to the ultra-light balloon filled with helium, Felix Baumgartner has made the impossible. He went up to the stratosphere and jumped with a parachute. It is the tremendous example of combining the old idea and modern technologies. It let him make his dreams come true.

My Sound Co. is a response to the needs of introducing modern electronic solutions into the audiophile tube-technology devices, maintaining their amazing old soul. The use of technologically advanced components, high-stabilized power supplies and modern design techniques allow bring out so far unexplored sound aspects of vacuum tubes so that everybody could hear more.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of our research. The attention to details, precision of workmanship and high quality materials make our products unique. They are made for audiophiles by audiophiles to awaken your senses.